Chitra Cinemas

About Us

Our ticketing is completely computerised and all our counters are connected to a high level server reducing the error rate to nil; we have round the clock ticketing counters (10.00 am to 11.00 pm). Tele booking for tickets and a customized live web site ( for online ticketing here you can book your tickets live; we have now introduced user friendly ticketing lounge with 2 ticketing windows (Male, Female separate counter) for faster and easier ticketing. We also have a ticketing window separately for ladies clients.

Ultra vision Screen :

Ultra vision film is a special front projection foiled screen which has been developed for all high end audio visual installs, especially in venues with high ambient light / daylight. This unique high resolution (HD) screen technology offers superior brightness, contrast and black levels, to re create life like images with perfect color reproduction. No need to turn down the lights, you will still achieve bright vivid images with up to 10 times the contrast and 5 times the brightness of conventional screens. Ultra vision film was recently put to the test against other competing screen technologies in Japan and came out top in terms of brightness and contrast levels.
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